Energy Burst

I came across a similar design to this one on a pendant and it reminded me of a chakra - a "wheel", a sort of energy concentration. I thought how neat it would look incorporating a geode in place of the sun in the center. The milky geode has a gentle and soothing effect that radiates outward.

I included in the design a clear quartz crystal, since clear or white stones are known to bring clarity and purity to one's surroundings.

The single quartz crystal helps to bring balance and the point facing downward has a grounding effect.

The smoky quartz color in the rays of the sun carries a similar energy as the clear quartz, but absorbs and stores the energy rather than radiating it outward. The color gives a quiet calming quality helping to focus energy internally, which is why it's used for meditation as it stabilizes the mind and body.

The indigo color I chose for the air infuses an energy that never fails to be profound and significant. It gives piece of mind helping to reflect, inspire and problem solve.